Saturday, June 30, 2007

Follies Part 2

Now, this is not a classically proportioned story. Well, would you expect one such from me? Don’t be silly. Normally, a show would have one juvenile man who, after five acts of singing and dancing, would romance his way into the heart of a juvenile lassie. Well, I can do much better than that. We have not one juvenile man … we have four! The Fab four. Officer cadets all. And I’m sorry but this story doesn’t have a juvenile girl in it, so they are mostly going to be put to doing close harmony quartets .. although I have a distinct suspicion that at least one of them (if not all four) may be casting illicit glances at our leading lady…
So, let me introduce, the toyboys of the Tikeibank…
Grev! Representing Hereford
James! Representing Chichester
Dion! Representing Gibraltar
Michael! (Michael, people fight producers like hell to get the ‘and’ billing) Representing Liverpool
You’ll be hearing a lot of them, one way and another, I doubt not.

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